Toadvine Brand Co. Bottle Opener
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Toadvine Brand Co. Bottle Opener Toadvine Brand Co. Bottle Opener - another look

Bottle Opener

Toadvine Brand Co.

  • Toadvine Brand Co. does woodworking and botanical art in Portland, OR. They work with traditionally preserved (chemical-free) reclaimed wood from downed and dead trees, and used some to create this sturdy, rustic, wall-mounted bottle opener. Plus: magnetic! Pop your top off one-handed and the cap is retained! No fumbling around on the floor, searching to see if it skittered under the fridge.
  • Toadvine Brand Co. Glen McHargue, founder of Toadvine Brand Co., has woodworking in his family history--both his grandfather and father were woodworkers at one point or another in their lives. Throughout his childhood, Glen’s father instilled in him the importance of a job well-done. In his work, Glen strives for “pleasing aesthetics and excellent quality. I think this is due to the years of working beside my father and grandfather.”