Etched Pocket Knife by Salty and Sweet Design
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Etched Pocket Knife by Salty and Sweet Design Etched Pocket Knife by Salty and Sweet Design - folded up

Etched Pocket Knife

Salty and Sweet Designs

  • Rosewood pocket knife with two-sided laser etched design. Chevron pattern laser etched in Portland, OR by Salty & Sweet Design. Knife features a blade, a file, and a pair of scissors.
  • Salty and Sweet Design An industrial designer by training, a graphic designer by profession, and a crafter at heart, Andrea Leggit is the mastermind behind Salty and Sweet Designs. Started in 2008, the original Salty and Sweet mobile designs were created to simply to keep her hands busy while she finished chemo and radiation and it was a pleasant surprise when the original designs sold out within the first 24 hours of being online. Years later, Andrea is the proud owner of her “darling Rosebud”--a 300 lb industrial level laser cutter--and a business that challenges her in the best way possible. Andrea is constantly experimenting with new materials and products--trying out anything from bamboo veneer to velvet, leather to pumpkins. Her designs are greatly influenced by her training as an industrial designer and by her upbringing in the Southwest.