Falcons In The City
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Falcons In The City Falcons In The City

Falcons In The City

Lisa Manning

  • Falcons in the City, a tale created from true stories of human-falcon interactions in Portland, Oregon, is accompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations. Once you learn this story of a falcon living on a bridge in a river city of the Pacific Northwest, you will be sure to bring binoculars on your next visit and maybe catch a glimpse of Frida's peregrine family!
  • Lisa Manning Lisa Manning A naturalist, story lover, teacher, writer and artist at heart, Lisa Manning has a Masters Degree in Outdoor Education from Southern Oregon University. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter, where she teaches elementary art, plays the ukulele in the Portland Megaband and designs wine labels and T-shirts. This is her first children's book.