Fire Brew Health Cider
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Fire Brew Health Cider Fire Brew Health Cider Fire Brew Health Cider Fire Brew Health Cider

Fire Brew Health Cider

Mind Your Manna

  • Hot! Pungent! Spicy! Fire Brew is a raw organic apple cider vinegar-based tonic infused with a large assortment of nutrient-dense ingredients meant to nourish the body from the inside out and keep your immune system firing on all cylinders!

    Take a 1/2-1 oz concentrated shot daily, or dilute it with your favorite beverage (we recommend water or tea!), and feel the toxins move out of your body. You can also use it on salads, in your marinades, or anything where you’d like to add a kick and some nourishment to your diet. Best to refrigerate after opening for freshness.

    Each bottle contains 12.7 fluid ounces of firey power. Available brews:

    Citrus (Immune) Blend: Boosted with lots of Vitamin C, echinacea, astragalus, and rose hips, keeps our immune systems resilient and boosts the body’s defense system against flues, cold and many other illnesses.

    Hibiscus (Renewal) Blend: Packed with hibiscus flowers, raspberry leaf and lemongrass, this blend is a great antioxidant and is used for mild colds, bruising and swelling. It’s also a highly nourishing reproductive tonic, provides energy and an endocrine boost when needed.

    Clove (Vitality) Blend: Boosted with herbs and spices – such as licorice, dandelion, clove, anise, fennel – this warming blend keeps us feeling vital and is great for skin, hair and nails, loosens joints and contributes to hormone balance.

    Garden (Power Booster) Blend: boosted with tons of leafy greens, limes and a hint of pineapple, is great for digestion and provides a dose of protein, iron, vitamins and minerals into your diet. It’s meant to power up the mind and body to help handle whatever comes your direction.
  • Mind Your Manna Mind Your Manna got its start back in founder Valerie’s kitchen in New Jersey, decades ago. Even as a seven year old, trying to make sweet potato chips in a pan, she loved coming up with unique and interesting food ideas. Fire Brew is the culmination of those years of fiddling, testing and experimenting. Things really came into focus when she went back to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist where she found her opportunity to blend her love of healthy eating with wholesome food products aimed to heal and restore. Fire Brew is made in Portland, Oregon.