Gemstone Prong Earrings


Stone Color
  • Not only are the Gemstone Prong Earrings beautiful, but they each serve a unique purpose in your life. Choose Clear Quartz to amplify the engery around you, and Rose Quartz the "love stone" to open the heart. The purple stone, Amethyst is healing and used for spiritual growth while Amazonite increases communication. White Howlite is a calming stone that relaxes an overly critical state of mind, and decreases stress and anxiety. Obsidian will shield you from negative energy so you can do your best.

    These gorgeous little gemstones are nestled in 18K gold-plated prongs. Each stone will vary in color and size because each stone is unique and the earrings are all handmade.
  • besty & iya JaxKelly is a woman-owned and operated jewelry and crystal candle line, inspired by a love for natural stones and sharing these in an approachable and meaningful way. Each piece in the collection is hand-selected to complement the other, and handmade with sterling silver and gold-plated settings - they are sisters not twins. Candles are hand-poured in JaxKelly’s studio in Sunny San Diego with 100% American grown soy wax, complemented with the scents of fine perfume and essential oils, with a crystal hidden inside to help set intentions for success in all areas of life.
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