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Lela Shields: Spring Inside Print

Lela Shields: Spring Inside Print

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  • Lela Shields strives to reveal the fragility of life, utilizing delicate line work and detailing, in an ultra-fine balance between human, animal and spiritual realms.

    She crafts subtle narratives while simultaneously playing with chance, technique and pure imagination.

    Expertly printed with an ample border using an 11-ink color process on an enhanced matte, archival paper creating rich blacks and vibrant colors by the Land Gallery in Portland, Oregon.
  • Buy Olympia Buy Olympia Buy Olympia is a small operation located in Portland, Oregon. They started back in 1999 in Olympia, Washington as a way to help their friends sell their awesome handmade items online, and have since grown to have a lot more friends from all over the world. We both distribute and publish a variety of goods from amazing artists.
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