Pebble Bangles by Melamosey
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Pebble Bangles by Melamosey Pebble Bangles by Melamosey

Pebble Bangles Set


  • Hand-formed and soldered perfectly imperfect brass bangles that mimic organic shapes and look best stacked. Each bangle is unique in shape, and measurements are approximate. 8” circumference, 2.5-3” diameter.
  • Melamosey Melamosey : “I’m attracted to the textural integrity of my materials - glass, brass, cotton - and the integration of crafts older and wiser than myself. These pieces are both the least and most utilitarian of things. They are intrinsic and intuitive and animalistic, and like art are based on instinct, not trends or comparisons. They’re evolving, I’m evolving, MELAMOSEY is evolving.”