Pitch Dark Cacao Bitters 2oz

Portland Bitters Project

  • Deep, dark, delicious cacao, brought to you in this bracing and complex blend. Using Portland's own Pitch Dark Bolivia cacao and pure organic vanilla bean, Portland Bitters Project has created a bitters that feels at home with dark spirits and smooth vodka. Also fabulous for revving up your favorite hot chocolate or even coffee!
  • Portland Bitters ProjectPortland Bitters ProjectPortland Bitters Project was born in Autumn 2013. We make small batch bitters in a 1920's bungalow in Portland, Ore. Selecting the finest organic botanicals and blending them to get their best and brightest flavors is what we're all about! In our line, you'll find both classic and surprising flavors with outstanding versatility. Use them to wake up cocktails, no-proof drinks, in the kitchen and in the oven, too! Our dropper-top packaging makes it easy to apply these concentrated wonders.
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