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Roselle Ginger Brew

Mathilde's Kitchen

  • Like the long mountain footpath from Mathilde's village in Haiti, these artisanal brews come from the winding passages of ancient times and culture: with West African flowers and seeds, Caribbean spice bark, and Asian roots. The dried calyx of Hibiscus Sabdarifa is naturally refreshing and deeply rewarding. Hardly known in the USA but for eons cherished worldwide medicinally and as a beverage, Mathilde uses only fresh Ginger for maximum flavor and benefit. She hand-brews and bottles her drink - it’s flavored with Caribbean love and the joy of life! Tips for use: A deep flavored brew goes a long way: poured over lots of ice, added to mixed drinks, a super spritzer, or on ice cream!
  • Mathilde's Ginger Brew Mathilde's Ginger Brew Mathilde Aurélien Wilson learned cooking in her mom’s cook shack, high in Haiti’s mountains, and refined her recipes at the popular eco-lodge Mt Victory Camp in the US Virgin Islands. In 2016 she launched the food cart Jouk Li Jou in Portland, OR, to connect a new audience to French Caribbean cooking.
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