The Future is Equal Riso Print

Suffragette Studio


  • Inspired by psychedelic line art, this print speaks the truth.
  • 7" x 5" Three-color Risograph printed at Outlet in Portland, Oregon on heavyweight matte paper.
  • A Risograph is an environmentally friendly printer, which uses soy-based inks to produce unique outcomes. Most prints will have slight imperfections or mis-registration, making them more special! 20% of proceeds from this print are donated by Suffragette Studios to an organization working to empower womxn.
  • Suffragette StudioSuffragette Studio Rachel Delmotte is a visual artist raised in Detroit and currently working in Portland, Oregon. Suffragette Studio began at her kitchen table in 2017 as a creative project and a humble homage to the awesomeness of womxn. Rachel's goal is to create uplifting artwork that raises awareness and funding for organizations dedicated to womxn’s prosperity. A portion of all Suffragette Studio profits are donated to local efforts working towards womxn’s equality, health, safety, education, and empowerment.
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