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Travel Washing Powder 1oz (disc)

Clean Slate Suds



  • Travel Size - 2 Loads Clean Slate Suds Washing Powder is a simple, natural, and powerful laundry detergent. Eco - friendly alternative providing superior cleaning power, while eliminating unnecessary harsh chemicals. Our exceptional quality, all natural ingredients yield distinctive cleaning, deodorizing and whitening with every wash. Experience soft, residue free, naturally clean clothes. We are committed to creating eco-friendly products free of harmful chemicals. Our products are prepared in small batches in order to maintain consistency of the highest quality.
    Product Info:
    Plant & Mineral based ingredients only:
    Ingredients: organic coconut oil*, sodium carbonate*, sodium tetra-borate*, sodium hydrogen carbonate*, {essential oil blend+}
    *naturally occurring ingredients +scented washing powder only
    Simple . Natural . Powerful . Non-toxic . Biodegradable . Vegan . Cruelty Free . No Harmful Chemicals . No Synthetic Fragrance . High Efficiency Washer Safe . All Temp Washing . Septic Safe . Cloth Diaper Safe
    Women Created & Owned
    Made in Oregon.
  • Clean Slate SudsClean Slate Suds was born out of the realization mildew had become part of everyday life for this soccer mom's life. Clean Slate Suds is a family-owned company focused on utilizing the best ingredients in small batch production to create an enviromentally friendly experience for the customer.
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