Mini Donut Cat- Maple
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Mini Donut Cat- Maple Maple Mini Donut Cat by Marnin Saylor

Mini Donut Cat- Maple

Marnin Saylor

  • This little critter is the sweetest, friendliest friend you could hope for. Soft, fluffy & puffed, they love lounging in warm rays of morning sun and the earthy aroma of a fresh pot of coffee. Their natural habitats are bookshelves, windowsills, and treasure chests. But are also comforting companions for your pocket or purse. Machine and hand sewn. Made by Seattle's Marnin Saylor. 
  • Marnin Saylor MarninSaylor is Thomas Marnin and Skye Saylor, two country kids in the big city hand-making fantastical, covetable plush toys and objects.