Working from Home with a Cat

Chronicle Books

  • Stepping on computer keyboards, knocking things off the table, interrupting video calls—cats can be distracting coworkers. With colorful art and oh-so-relatable scenarios, Working from Home with a Cat takes readers through a day in the life of artist Heidi Moreno and her pet cat Peanut. Despite all the struggles, cats like Peanut are always by our side when we need them, even on the hardest, loneliest workdays. Working from Home with a Cat reminds us why cats are the cutest colleagues, and a source of comfort and calm in this chaotic world.
  • Chronicle BooksChronicle Books Heidi Moreno is an artist and illustrator. She works in a variety of mediums, from the traditional like watercolor, ink, and colored pencils, to the digital. Cats have always been a major source of inspiration, given their cute but spooky aesthetic. Heidi and her cat Peanut are based in the Los Angeles area.
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