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You Think You Know Me Game



  • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook... You know your friends through the photos, videos, and messages they post online, liking and favoriting them every day. But how well do you know your friends, really? You Think You Know Me is a conversational card game for 2-10 players that playfully tests how well you know your friends, family, partners, or coworkers — a set of 500 cards helping you learn more about what they love and who they are.
  • Ami Baio Ami Baio " You Think You Know Me is the debut game from Portland, Oregon-based game designer Ami Baio. Amy says "My favorite dessert is cake. If I could be any animal for a day, I’d be a dolphin. I prefer sushi over ramen, window over aisle seats, vampires over werewolves. I haven’t seen the Grand Canyon. I love tattoos, spending time alone, and I don’t know how to fold a paper airplane. I don’t believe time heals all wounds, I like giving people books, and I think diamonds are silly." (This bio was written by drawing random You Think You Know Me cards.)
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