Celebrating 10 Years of Handmade Goods + Local Music



Tender Loving Empire is ten years old this year! In that time there's been a lot of learning and a lot of growth, but the best part is that we're still doing exactly what we originally set out to do—providing a place for artists and craftspeople and musicians to be seen and heard and connect with new fans and friends.

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Maker Spotlight

Shweet Shtuf lives in San Francisco, but has a heart that lives in Portland. Tally Sue, the maker behind Shweet Shtuf, is inspired by an eclectic range of topics, many of them related to her love of Portland, Oregon, but her work has found happy homes across the world. We think you'll find her creations' trademark happy grins as irresistable as we do.

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Shweet Shtuf at Tender Loving Empire