About Us

Tender Loving Empire curates a collection of goods and music from hundreds of independent makers for people who want to support their creative community, surround themselves with beauty and live wholehearted.

With your support, TLE has paid $13.3 million & counting to independent artists, makers and musicians!!

TLE was created for people who seek inspiration and positive change; for people who believe that art, music, creativity and human connection simply make life better; for people who want to live wholehearted.

When you live wholehearted you are an optimist and a do-gooder, a dabbler and a dreamer; You go after your dreams and help others succeed in theirs; You understand that small businesses keep our communities from being boring, homogenous, impersonal, money-over-people type places.

Your choice to support Tender Loving Empire is a choice to support hundreds of makers, musicians and small businesses. Together we can make our communities more vibrant, creative, compassionate and connected.


Nylon Magazine:

“Portland’s Tender Loving Empire is a local record label, music store, gallery, and arts collective that does pretty much everything - and does it well.”

Carrie Brownstein:

“Dream Boutique: A husband and wife opened this record-label-consignment-shop-art-studio. It’s a creative hub where the owners are saying: Here are the things we love. We really want you to love them too.”

Sunset Magazine:

“In a crowded field, Tender Loving Empire is perhaps the best example of a shop committed to local talent, with Portland-made music, art, and gifts.”