Friends and Friends of Friends Vol. 5

TLE Music

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    Friends & Friends of Friends is an annual compilation of music curated by Tender Loving Empire. We collect submissions from our friends and (as the title might suggest) from their friends. We request specific songs that we love and include our favorite jams from bands on our own record label. The result is a collection of songs that is by far the best grouping of music that we’ve ever been able to put in one place, at one time. 47 amazing songs on two discs coming from artists from all walks of life, styles of music and geographical locales combine to create the perfect blend of raucous sludgery, jangley summer tunes and endearingly mopey ballads.

    TLE-036 (2012)
  • DISC 1
    BRAINSTORM - Maybe A Memory
    Y La Bamba - Michoacan
    Radiation City - Heart of Mine
    Onuinu - Always Awkward
    Dusted - (Into the ) Atmosphere
    Typhoon - Unconditional
    Blacks& - The Race Is On
    Mean Jeans - Anybody Out There
    My Body - Baby Grail
    Pegasus Dream - Oxen Free
    Duover - Killer Trees
    Yours - Parachute
    The Shivas - Baby I Need You
    Super XX Man - You Get Lost
    Holopaw - Discotheque
    No Kind of Rider - Away Colors
    Black Prarie - Do You Believe?
    Terrible Buttons - Mother’s Medicine
    Sons of Huns - Der Blaue Reiter
    DoublePlusGood - Words Fall Asleep
    Eric & Magill - Tangled Up In Nets
    Houndstooth - Beachbummer
    The Morals - 100 Different Ways

    DISC 2
    Aan - I Don’t Need Love
    Body Parts - Doing Things
    Finn Riggins - Benchwarmers
    Loch Lomond - Spray Painted Drum
    Appetite - Tussy
    Birds & Batteries - Trouble Makes Three
    Lemolo - Open Air
    Dave Depper - Anytime, Anytime
    Hey Marseilles - Elegy
    Log Across the Washer - The Radio Band with Violet Shadow
    Atomic Mama - Bodies in the Sun
    Hustle & Drone - Bobby Wish
    Mackintosh Braun - The Same
    Lost Lander - Cold Feet
    New Move - The City Life (Has Got Me Down)
    Twin Steps - Junkie Song
    K Tranza - Rulers of the Scene
    Stagnant Pools - Dead Sailor
    Catherine Feeny - United
    Gathered Ghosts - Two Apples in a Cherry Tree
    The Quick & Easy Boys - Make It Easy
    The Wedding Present - You Jane
    Summerays - Sunshine
    The Tomorrow People - Rose City Rose
  • Various The Players: BRAINSTORM, Y La Bamba, Radiation City, Onuinu, Dusted, Typhoon, Blacks&, Mean Jeans, My Body, Pegasus Dream, Duover, Yours, The Shivas, Super XX Man, Holopaw, No Kind of Rider, Black Prarie, Terrible Buttons, Sons of Huns, DoublePlusGood, Eric & Magill, Houndstooth, The Morals, Aan, Body Parts, Finn Riggins, Loch Lomond, Appetite, Birds & Batteries, Lemolo, Dave Depper, Hey Marseilles, Log Across the Washer, Atomic Mama, Hustle & Drone, Mackintosh Braun, Lost Lander, New Move, Twin Steps, K Tranza, Stagnant Pools, Catherine Feeny, Gathered Ghosts, The Quick & Easy Boys, The Wedding Present, Summerays, and The Tomorrow People.
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