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Feels So Good // Feels So Bad

The Shivas

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  • Listen to the song "If I Could Choose"

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    Feels So Good // Feels So Bad is an album about acceptance. Sometimes that acceptance feels enlightened and sometimes it feels like the end result of a lot of kicking and screaming. The Shivas have adapted in both of those ways. With new tours scheduled and a new album on the way, they’re still hoping--like all of us--for a new era of vibrant, cathartic live music. The lessons they learned from having their normal upended, though, have only helped them grow.

    TLE-096 (2021)
  • 1. Feels So Bad
    2. Undone
    3. Tell Me That You Love Me
    4. If I Could Choose
    5. Don't Go
    6. My Baby Don't
    7. You Wanna Be My Man
    8. A Gift
    9. For The Kids
    10. Rock Me Baby
    11. So Cold
    12. Sometimes
    13. Please Don't Go
  • The Shivas The Shivas are a rock and roll band from Portland, Oregon formed in 2006. In the 10 years since forming they have brought their raucous dance party to almost all 50 states, and over 25 countries worldwide, meanwhile releasing five full-length albums and three EP. The bands fifth studio album is due out fall of 2019.
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