Tender Loving Empire Affiliate Program

As artists, makers, and small businesses we can all use a little extra support from our friends. We know you know! So we wanted to think of a way that we could help you all get support from each other, share each other’s fans and followers without tedious giveaways and collaborations, and also generate more income via TLE. Everyone wins!

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    Create your profile and unique link to start showing off your products on your socials or word of mouth!

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    Share your unique link to give 10% off discount and earn a 10% commission on total sales.

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    Follow us on Instagram and TikTok to help promote our community of artists, makers, and small businesses!

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It Takes a Village to Build a (tender loving) Empire

To maximize the program's benefits, share about TLE on social media, via email, or directly with friends and family. Your fans and followers can now support hundreds of makers and expect referrals from other vendors.


How do I sign up?

Sign up for an account here. We’ll send you an email invite link once you submit your email to set up your account.

How do commission payouts work?

You will receive 10% of the total sales received from customers shopping your unique link.