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Shipping Info

Shipping Information 

Domestic Shipping Rates

Our domestic shipping rates are based on weight, and we'll let you know exactly what we'll charge during the checkout process. A lot of small things don't weigh much, but one big thing will weigh more. We add up the weight of all items you purchase and charge:

up to 1lb: $3

1lbs to 1.5lbs: $5

1.5lbs to 2lbs: $8

2lbs to 3lbs: $12

3lbs to 4lbs: $16

4lbs to 5lbs: $18

5lbs or more: $21

So what's stuff weigh? Here are some guidelines. (Note that these weight approximations include shipping material, like boxes and envelopes.)

The Small Stuff: Cards, small jewelry, felted hearts and acorns, some keychains, and even CDs all can be under a pound.

Records: A vinyl LP is $5.

The Medium Stuff: Single books, hot sauce in a bottle, ceramics, and single candles can range from 2lbs to 3lbs. 

The Big Stuff: Very few individual items are heavier than 3lbs each, but there can be exceptions. But multiples of all kinds of things do weigh more.

Remember! These weights are cumulative, so you can tuck a number of small items in with some bigger things and your shipping charge may not increase.


International Shipping Rates

We love to ship internationally!

We will calculate your international shipping for you on checkout, but generally you can add $10 to the categories above to get an idea. For instance, one vinyl LP shipping internationally is $15.




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