Friends and Friends of Friends Vol. 6

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    Tender Loving Empire’s popular Friends & Friends of Friends compilation series turns six with tracks from Starfucker, Typhoon, Delicate Steve, Wampire, Stelth (of the Lumineers), Y La Bamba, Radiation City and many more. Taking its name from the happy accidental connections and serendipitous encounters of the music world, this 2 disc compilation features very best the Portland, Oregon music scene has to offer as well as a few tracks by friends from around the US (and in the case of one band - La Perla Irregular - Argentina). From up and comers to veterans, electro-pop to soul to garage, Friends and Friends of Friends is 3+ hours of hand picked gems.

    TLE-043 (2014)
  • DISC 1
    Radiation City - Foreign Bodies
    The Family Crest - The Headwinds
    Y La Bamba - River in Drought
    Radiation City x G_Force - So Long Remix (feat. Sam Trump)
    Wampire - Spirit Forest
    Social Studies - Terracur
    Holiday Friends - Astral Observations
    MidLo - Moonlight
    Mystery Pills - Anti-Pattern
    La Perla Irregular - Nosotros Los Monos
    Gangplans - Like We Never Had
    Philip Grass - Enchanté
    The We Shared Milk - Lame Sunset
    Minden - You’re On the Edge
    The Couldn’t Dos - Why You Cryin’ Pretty Girl?
    Adam Brock - 24
    Nick Jaina - Searching the Ocean Floor
    Wild Ones - From Nothing
    Charts - Get On The Bus
    Albatross - It’s Time to Say Goodbye
    Tango Alpha Tango - In My Time of Dying

    DISC 2
    BRAINSTORM - She Moves
    STRFKR - Say To You
    Finn Riggins - Benchwarmers (Edmond Dantes Remix)
    Delicate Steve - Two Lovers
    Aan - Spiritual Provisions
    Death Songs - Giving
    Saintseneca - Blood Drawing
    Shy Girls - Gonna Get My Name Back
    PWRHAUS - Walk in the Light
    The Weather Machine - So, What Exactly Does it Say?
    Genders - Oakland
    Galaxies - End of the World
    Magic Sword - The Way Home
    Ash Retter - I’ve Got Something I Can Laugh About
    Vikesh Kapoor - Bottom of the Ladder
    Starving Daughters - We Were Eggs
    There Is No Mountain - Wave of Taboo
    Patti King - Decades
    Stelth - Springtime
    Wooden Indian Burial Ground - White Bats
    Typhoon - Down Cowboy
  • Various The Players: Radiation City, The Family Crest, Y La Bamba, Radiation City x G_Force, Wampire, Social Studies, Holiday Friends, MidLo, Mystery Pills, La Perla Irregular, Gangplans, Philip Grass, The We Shared Milk, Minden, The Couldn’t Dos, Adam Brock, Nick Jaina, Wild Ones, Charts, Albatross, Tango Alpha Tango, BRAINSTORM, STRFKR, Delicate Steve, Aan, Death Songs, Saintseneca, Shy Girls, PWRHAUS, The Weather Machine, Genders, Galaxies, Magic Sword, Ash Retter, Vikesh Kapoor, Starving Daughters, There Is No Mountain, Patti King, Stelth, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, and Typhoon.
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