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Friends and Friends of Friends Vol. 6

Friends and Friends of Friends Vol. 6


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    Tender Loving Empire’s popular Friends & Friends of Friends compilation series turns six with tracks from Starfucker, Typhoon, Delicate Steve, Wampire, Stelth (of the Lumineers), Y La Bamba, Radiation City and many more. Taking its name from the happy accidental connections and serendipitous encounters of the music world, this 2 disc compilation features very best the Portland, Oregon music scene has to offer as well as a few tracks by friends from around the US (and in the case of one band - La Perla Irregular - Argentina). From up and comers to veterans, electro-pop to soul to garage, Friends and Friends of Friends is 3+ hours of hand picked gems.

    TLE-043 (2014)
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Friends and Friends of Friends

Track Listing

Radiation City - Foreign Bodies
The Family Crest - The Headwinds
Y La Bamba - River in Drought
Radiation City x G_Force - So Long Remix (feat. Sam Trump)
Wampire - Spirit Forest
Social Studies - Terracur
Holiday Friends - Astral Observations
MidLo - Moonlight
Mystery Pills - Anti-Pattern
La Perla Irregular - Nosotros Los Monos
Gangplans - Like We Never Had
Philip Grass - Enchanté
The We Shared Milk - Lame Sunset
Minden - You’re On the Edge
The Couldn’t Dos - Why You Cryin’ Pretty Girl?
Adam Brock - 24
Nick Jaina - Searching the Ocean Floor
Wild Ones - From Nothing
Charts - Get On The Bus
Albatross - It’s Time to Say Goodbye
Tango Alpha Tango - In My Time of Dying

STRFKR - Say To You
Finn Riggins - Benchwarmers (Edmond Dantes Remix)
Delicate Steve - Two Lovers
Aan - Spiritual Provisions
Death Songs - Giving
Saintseneca - Blood Drawing
Shy Girls - Gonna Get My Name Back
PWRHAUS - Walk in the Light
The Weather Machine - So, What Exactly Does it Say?
Genders - Oakland
Galaxies - End of the World
Magic Sword - The Way Home
Ash Retter - I’ve Got Something I Can Laugh About
Vikesh Kapoor - Bottom of the Ladder
Starving Daughters - We Were Eggs
There Is No Mountain - Wave of Taboo
Patti King - Decades
Stelth - Springtime
Wooden Indian Burial Ground - White Bats
Typhoon - Down Cowboy

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