G_Force is among the West Coast’s most prolific and eclectic artists, having toured the country with a rock band (on Warped Tour, nonetheless) and released solo hip-hop albums under the alias Calvin Valentine. G_Force has gained his widest acclaim as a hip-hop producer, working with national acts like Planet Asia, Bun B, and Devin the Dude. He’s left an inexorable mark on Portland, Oregon, hip-hop as well, both as a producer for acts like Illmaculate and Braille, and with his own group TxE.

met the members of Radiation City on a basketball court. Their relationship began as a rivalry, but evolved into a fruitful collaboration between like minds. After the band finished its sophomore record, Animals in the Median, G_Force expressed interest in remixing one of the songs, which snowballed into remixing the entire album with the apt title, A Different Animal. The goal was to not only make a project together that would pay homage to the Portland hip-hop and indie scenes in equal measure (and hopefully create a healthy dialogue between the two), but to push the boundaries of both Radiation City’s and G_Force’s own respective musical approaches. The collaborating emcees who got on board with the project came from all corners of the US hip hop scene, from Memphis rap icon Juicy J to Chicago singer/trumpet wizard Sam Trump.