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Latika Beauty

Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb

  • Latika Body Essentials bath bombs are hand-painted with shimmering gold mineral mica powder and put on a delightful two to three-minute show, fizzing and turning the water a beautiful shade depending on the scent chosen.

    In addition to ultra-moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, avocado, and sweet almond oils, Latika adds a natural, plant-derived ingredient to prevent the color and contents from sticking to the tub! All Latika Body Essentials products are handcrafted in Austin, Texas and certified cruelty-free.


    Milk & Honey Bath Bomb: made with Moroccan Rose Clay and colors the water a luxuriously sweet, rosy peach and smells like fresh milk, warm oats and sweet honey.

    Lavender Bath Bomb: Infused with soothing fragrances of French lavender, bergamot, herbal clary sage, and a hint of eucalyptus, this bath bomb colors the water a charming, hot pink.

    Mermaid: This magical bath bomb transforms you into a glamorous mermaid in a sea of lively turquoise sparkled with purple and green shimmering mica. It uses a playful combination of black raspberries, dark plum, and warm vanilla to pleasantly scent your mystical, mermaid cove.

    Sun + Coconuts: This transportive bath bomb takes you to an exotic beach scene with its delicate hints of coconut, subtle, floral notes and gentle swirls of vanilla and musk. Topped with a warm drizzle of bronze micas, this yummy ensemble will remind you of a truly sunny vacation.

  • " Latika is a family owned brand of plant based skincare and bath products proudly handmade in the U.S.A. The word Latika means “little plant” and could not be a better name for the brand. At Latika, each products is carefully handmade in Austin, Texas by husband and wife duo Erez and Mazzi and their small team. They love safe and natural ingredients and great formulas that work. Be it the delicate floral tones in their scents, the natural oils in their bath and body products or the environmentally-friendly packaging they use, Erez and Mazzi ensure all Latika goodies are crafted with honesty and trust.
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