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Rose City Pepperheads

BBQ Pepper Jelly Trio

BBQ Pepper Jelly Trio

A perfect giftable set of delicious pepper jellies! Three 3oz jars in the following flavors:

Mango Madness (mild): RCPJ's most popular jelly and winner of a multiple Scovie awards! It's fruity with just a hint of spice. Excellent as a dip and bbq glaze for chicken, pork, and fish. A favorite to make chicken fajitas with or served over cream cheese with crackers. Mix in with your favorite yogurt or spread on your toast or biscuit. 
Raspberry Habanero (medium heat): The fiery habanero is blended with local raspberries to bring you one of our favorite sauces. Tasty as a glaze on chicken, pork, or fish. Marinate skirt steak or shrimp and throw on the grill. Whisk with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a tasty vinaigrette. A favorite over cream cheese with crackers or as a topping for ice cream or cheesecake. 
Double Dare (wicked hot): A slow raging heat with enough flavor to warm your soul. Use as a dip or glaze for all meats. Makes the best hot wings ever!

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