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Slow Corpse - Bite Your Tongue

Slow Corpse - Bite Your Tongue


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    Bite Your Tongue is the second full-length release from Slow Corpse; the indie-rock power couple, Mitchell Winters & Brenton Clarke. At 14-tracks, 37-minutes, the album leaps effortlessly from R&B, to punk, bedroom pop, and hip-hop; showcasing a whole new sonic direction for the duo. Recorded in marathon, late-night sessions in cramped basements throughout the state of Oregon, Bite Your Tongue is a patchwork of ambivalence, hedonism, self-deprecation, confidence, heartbreak, and ultimately acceptance.

    TLE-092 (2020)
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Slow Corpse

Track Listing

1. In My Head
2. Every Little Thing
3. Gimme Your Love
4. It Feels Right
5. All Night
6. Slow Down
7. Imfuckingsadrnlol
8. Okay
9. Wasted
10. Like You Care
11. Sit Next To You
12. Playing Sick
13. Confused
14. Like U Care

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In 2019, the Slow Corpse live band went separate ways, opening up a whole new horizon for Winters & Clarke. No longer bound to writing songs for a standard, 5-piece band, they found themselves free to experiment outside of any one genre or style. While still paying homage to their roots in the Pacific Northwest indie scene, the sound is far more ambitious than their earlier work.

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