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Portland Bitters Project

Bitters Adventure Kit

Bitters Adventure Kit

  • GIN BITTERS Mini 1/2oz bottles of our three favorites for gin: Rose, Woodland and Lavender! Packed in a custom kraft box with recipes inside and out.

    ROSE: Gorgeous layers of Damask rose, warm spice and subtle citrus make any beverage a newly floral experience. Beautiful with gin, cachaça, sparkling wine and vodka, just to get started! Livens up chocolate tones and plays well with fruit. A romantic mood is inevitable!
    WOODLAND: Woodland Bitters - what on earth? That's right, wild-crafted Douglas Fir, enhanced with peppermint and bitter orange. Like sipping a hike, but more possible. We love pairing them with gin, bourbon, soda water and even aquavit. Pro tip: upgrade your G&T with a few drops!
    LAVENDER: Our fabulous Lavender Bitters, made with sensational supporting botanicals like coriander and vanilla! Delicious in sparkling water, Corpse Revivers No. 2, sparkling wine and more!

    WHISKEY BITTERS Mini 1/2oz bottles of our three favorites for whiskey and dark spirits! Packed in a custom kraft box with recipes inside and out.

    AROMATIC: Our flagship. Delight your Manhattan, Champagne Cocktail or Old Fashioned with these balanced, herbaceous bitters. If you think the story ends (sadly) with Angostura, these will change your mind. We use organic botanicals, organic cane spirits and raw sugar so nothing gets in the way of pure flavor.
    PITCH DARK CACAO: Deep, dark, delicious cacao, brought to you in this bracing and complex blend. We use Portland's own Pitch Dark Bolivia cacao and pure organic vanilla bean to create a bitters at home with dark spirits, vodka, revving up your favorite hot chocolate or even coffee.
    SUPER SPICE: In this bottle, concentrated peace, goodness and joy. Or, at the very least, warm spices and love. With the grounding presence of fenugreek, Super Spice is here to embrace your hot toddy, warm cider, old fashioned or heart's desire. Organic spirits and botanicals paired with raw sugar to deliver you pure flavor.

    Our bitters are made with organic botanicals for the truest flavor. We use organic, non-GMO cane spirits for a soft, round mouthfeel and no extra pesticides or fertilizers in your day. Every flavor is layered for depth and complexity and to integrate into your cocktails and no-proof beverages seamlessly.
  • Portland Bitters ProjectPortland Bitters ProjectPortland Bitters Project was born in Autumn 2013. We make small batch bitters in a 1920's bungalow in Portland, Ore. Selecting the finest organic botanicals and blending them to get their best and brightest flavors is what we're all about! In our line, you'll find both classic and surprising flavors with outstanding versatility. Use them to wake up cocktails, no-proof drinks, in the kitchen and in the oven, too! Our dropper-top packaging makes it easy to apply these concentrated wonders.
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