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Boy Eats Drum Machine - Hoop + Wire

Boy Eats Drum Machine - Hoop + Wire


  • Hoop + Wire's 38 minutes expertly merge disparate ideas to form aural landscapes--not surprising, since the album was dreamed up on a drive across the United States. Sweeping symphonic samples receive treatments of bombastic organic percussion both traditional and of the Foley variety, while the lyrical content reveals introspective and dark passages.
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Boy Eats Drum Machine

Track Listing

1. Hoop + Wire
2. Constellation
3. Syncopated
4. Gold in the Hills

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Boy Eats Drum Machine is a singular figure of the West. He does things his own way, thank you very much, and does those things well enough to run his own one-man gang. Sometimes his voice is low and dry like the great Oregon deserts. Other times it resonates warmly, as though reflecting off the hills. He’s a turntablist’s turntablist, robbing breaks and sound textures from vinyl even after most of his contemporaries switched to laptops. He often mixes together twangy guitars, soulful blasts of tenor saxophone, and bassy, soundtrack worthy, analog synth. He’s an artist-outlaw.

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