Catherine Freshley: The Gorge at Sunset Print (11x14)

Catherine Freshley Art


  • This graphic print is a bold depiction of the Columbia River Gorge. We love the pinks and oranges against the dark blues and purples of the hills.
  • Catherine FreshlyCatherine Freshley Catherine Freshley is a landscape painter from Portland, Oregon. Freshley is endlessly inspired by and in constant awe of our natural surroundings. She responds most to scenes of “normal,” yet spectacular, beauty – but the openness of flat land, the highways that stretch across it and the expansive skies above it all. Freshley aims to capture and preserve the beauty of these everyday scenes and whether of vast, clear skies or dramatic cloud formations, her paintings transport the viewer to places that are familiar and comfortable. Her paintings are representative, but she omits intricate detail, allowing viewers to layer their own memory and meaning onto her paintings.
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