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One Stripe Chai

Chai After 5 Blend

Chai After 5 Blend

Chai After Five is our low caffeine chai that will leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied. Our Indian hōjicha has a smooth, slightly nutty flavor that provides a beautiful canvas for our always organic masala spices. While not completely caffeine-free, Chai After Five will allow you to have the satisfaction of a cup of chai without the worry of being kept up all night! We hope you truly enjoy this blend we've created with love and intention.

~Chai Anytime~ Hōjicha is a Japanese style of tea in which green tea is roasted. We made this blend with Hōjicha because it provides the familiar flavor of black tea in chai, but is naturally lower in caffeine.

~Single-Origin Tea~ We proudly source our Hōjicha from a 4th generation family-owned tea garden in Assam, India. They learned to prepare Hōjicha directly from a Japanese tea master and are the only maker of Hōjicha in India!

~Organic Ingredients~ Assam Hōjicha green tea, green cardamom, ginger, black peppercorn

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