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Finn Riggins -- Vs. Wilderness

Finn Riggins -- Vs. Wilderness

    • An album that only seems to get better with each listen, Vs. Wilderness is a treat to listen to--both sonically and lyrically. Brimming with hallmark loosely controlled energy and infectious joy, this album will satisfy both listeners looking to soak in a unique auditory landscape and those who simply want something seriously fun to dance to.

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    Finn Riggins

    Track Listing

    1. Rush of Animals (Prelude)
    2. Battle
    3. Dali
    4. Furs
    5. Shaky
    6. Wake
    7. Mahoney
    8. VS Birds
    9. Antoinette Pt.1
    10. Antoinette Pt.2
    11. Rush of Animals

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    The collaborative brainchild of three music school graduates from the University of Idaho—Eric Gilbert, Cameron Bouiss, and Lisa Simpson--Finn Riggins’ sound is defined more by their raw energy and adventurous musical chops than by any sound that a concise description could quantify. In recent years, the trio morphed from trio to quartet with Travis Ward (Hillfolk Noir, Doug Martsch Trio) on bass.

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