French Cassettes - Good For It

French Cassettes

Music Format
  • This Vinyl-Postcard for the single "Good For it" was created in partnership with BIRP! The limited edition postcard is 5x7 and is playable on your turntable!
    Purchase Includes:
    One vinyl single
    Postcard with album art + message on back from the artist
    Lyric & bio sheet
    Digital download
    Vinyl artwork is by Leah Walton and Abigael Tripp
    Postcard Artwork is by Mark Neely

  • French Cassettes French Cassettes’ newfound growth and experimentation is a wonder to behold. This music doesn’t sound like anything else in the known indie rock universe. It’s music that takes a lot of repeated listens to fully unravel—and music that could very well make a person drop everything, gasp, and say “I love this song.”
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