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Friends and Friends of Friends Vol. 8

Friends and Friends of Friends Vol. 8


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    Friends & Friends of Friends is an annual compilation of music curated by Tender Loving Empire. We collect submissions from our friends and (as the compilation title might suggest) from their friends. We request specific songs that we love and include our favorite jams from bands on our own record label. The result is a collection of songs that is by far the best grouping of music that we’ve ever been able to put in one place at one time.

    TLE-060 (2015)
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Friends and Friends of Friends

Track Listing

Andy Shauf - Hometown Hero
MY BODY - Make it Good
Jared Mees - Right Now We’re Always Alive
Willis Earl Beal - Flying So Low
The Fourth Wall - Only Rise
King Friday - He’s Everything I’m Not
Tents - Acorn
Catherine Feeny & Chris Johnedis - White Flight
Sidd Hartha - Don’t Grow Up
The Environment - Our Best
Mascaras - Animal Prince
Astro Tan - Vanport
Tony Ortega - In His Hands
BOYS - Still Myspace After All These Years
Death Traps - Chinese Finger Trap
Animal Eyes - Mushroom Hunter
Transistor Send - Don’t Be Scared Now
Snowblind Traveler - Liar
The Weather Machine - Peach
Divers - Stateline

Magic Sword - Discover
The Domestics - Wait Forever
New Move - Take What You Can Get
Sunbathe - If You Want
Grandparents - Pill Spectre
Old Wave - Raincoat
Jet Force Gemini - New Disco Era
Summer Cannibals - Your Body
Layla The Wolf - Jabe
Dogheart - Jawbone
Loch Lomond - A String
CUFF LYNX - Prowl (ft. Parker Joe)
Mothertapes - Do Make Say
bed. - Boys
Sancho - Cooler
Charles Barker - Where All Things Meet
Alex Napping - Trembles Part I
Rainbows - Bhangra College
Two Sheds - Heavy
Bear & Moose - New Years Eve

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