Habanero Carrot Curry Hot Sauce

Marshall's Haute Sauce

  • This sauce is an exotic blend of hot and sweet. Habaneros are known for their intense heat but this sauce focuses on flavor. It brings strong notes of citrus and floral elements. Your body will interact with the heat of this powerful pepper. You’ll feel it! We use home made mustard with fresh turmeric to give it a lively color. This sauce brings the most heat and flavor. This jar holds 8 oz. of sauce.
  • Marshall's Haute Sauce Marshall's Haute Sauce Sarah Marshall started Marshall’s Haute Sauce from her home kitchen. Her love for canning and preserving local ingredients lead to a beautiful and tasty product line. She recruited her husband Dirk Marshall to chop and prep all the produce. The business quickly outgrew their home and they now run out of a commercial kitchen in South East Portland.
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