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Glad & Young Studio

Highly Classified Envelope

Highly Classified Envelope

  • Some things in life are TOP SECRET. As in, keep your paws off my credit card, my debit card, my cash… but also, um… here’s my business card, have your people talk to my people.

    Colorful soft leather options galore. Glad & Young's marbled leather options are made of vegetable tanned leather— they're all one-of-a kind!

    4" wide, 2.75" tall

    Full grain high quality leather

    Solid brass durable snap closure

    All of Glad & Young's marbled items are completely unique and one-of-a kind. The item you will be receiving will not be the exact one pictured.
  • Glad & Young Glad & Young Anna Zietz and Erica Verges are the co-founders of Glad & Young– a design studio producing fun-loving leather goods that are dreamed up and created by hand in their Atlanta, GA studio. Since 2015 they have set out to make bags and accessories that are daring, colorful, and full of personality. Functionality is and will always be their first priority, but on top of that the products are designed to solve problems (yes they did make sure their computer tote perfectly holds three bottles of wine), and they’ll last you long enough to pass on to your grandkids. Their mission is to create bags that are exciting to own, and as empowering as the person who carries them.
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