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Hot Winter Hot Sauce

Hot Winter Hot Sauce Trio

Hot Winter Hot Sauce Trio

  • Three of our most popular sauces, packed in a gift ready box (designed by Molly Winter). The Original, Orleans and Bulgarian Carrot offer a wide range of flavor and heat, showing off the great variety of our sauces.

    Bulgarian Carrot: For those who requested a hotter Hot Winter: this sauce blends our Bulgarian Carrot with Aji Crystal, for a bold heat with a taste of rich, dark fruit and a full body. Notes of sour cherry and citrus lend a complex flavor. Hot Sauce (Hottest). 6 oz.

    Orleans: Just a little bit hotter than the Santa Fe Grande, this golden hot sauce is an homage to the small town where I worked on Mt. Home Farm: Orleans, CA (which is French for, "The Golden One"). This sauce is bright and tropical, like black pepper awash in sunshine; it is the perfect compliment to a fish taco. Hot Sauce (Hotter). 6 oz.

    Original: Our very own Hot Winter Pepper: the off-type Jimmy Nardello that inspired Hot Winter Hot Sauce. This sauce is less sweet and more earthy, with a slowly building heat that is robust, but not over powering. Hot Sauce (Medium hot). 6 oz.
  • Hot Winter Hot Sauce Hot Winter Hot Sauce Shaun Winter has a goal to establish a product that is delicious enough to encourage consumers to help support the local farmers who make these flavors possible. By using rare and unique cultivars of chile, I hope to make "organic foods" less abstract for people. This is not just a substitution for a familiar thing, but grown in a different way-- these are wholly different peppers, that can only exist by working with small scale, regional growers. Hot Winter is committed to paying fair prices to these growers, to help foster the type of farming that preserves our culinary heritage.
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