Night Heron - Instructions for the Night

Literal Gold

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  • This record is called 'Instructions for Night' and by the end of the first track on Night Heron’s debut, the listener knows who these instructions are for. They’re for those of us awake against our will: tossing in bed after a terrible fight, pacing the hallways of new parenthood, stricken with fear of unemployment or a bad test result. These instructions are for a person (or in the case of 2020, perhaps an entire population), so dislocated by circumstance they no longer make a meaningful distinction between night and day. There is only more or less light.
  • 1. Dreamz
    2. Easier
    3. To Sleep
    4. 1000 Mirrors
    5. Sleeping Boy
    6. Strangerz
    7. Holding Out
    8. Without A Sound
    9. When the Orchids Bloom
    10. More Than Ever
  • Night Heron Night Heron is the creation of Cameron Spies, former frontman for Radiation City. After Radiation City broke up Cameron enlisted some of his favorite musicians. The players on this record hail from other projects (currently or formerly) such as: Y La Bamba, Reptaliens, Nicole McCabe, and Aan.
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