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Jared Mees - Life is Long

Jared Mees - Life is Long


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    Jared Mees’ fourth album employs many of the poet’s traditional tools: metaphor and simile, alliteration and euphony, rhyme and aphorism, variation in voice and point of view. But these are only devices by which Jared the Poet treats his diverse subject matters: Loss of faith, love, legacy, suicide, to name a few contained in Life is Long. Jared wrote all the songs and recorded them in a small cabin along Oregon’s mighty Santiam river. While supplying the vocals and compositions, Jared had members of Typhoon, Radiation City, The Domestics, New Move and Yeah Great Fine play the music. For many days, they all went about the cabin in pajamas and bathrobes, eating sandwiches and ingesting cannabis. After many days of this they came to call themselves The Comfy Boyz.

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    TLE-066 (2016)
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Jared Mees & the Grown Children

Track Listing

1. Life is Long
2. Blue Angels
3. I Believe
4. Mystic Isle
5. Signal Fire
6. This is Your Year
7. No Rules
8. Echo Chamber
9. Right Now We're Always Alive
10. Eyes Be Wide

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Constant lineup changes and infrequent rehearsals would cause many bands to suffer, but they’ve become the lifeblood of Jared Mees & The Grown Children, giving the group’s live shows a devil-may-care energy and keeping the songs honest and raw. The band’s first incarnation was born on a Panamanian Island, where Mees, his wife Brianne—the co-founders of Tender Loving Empire—and two friends wrote the bulk of the songs that would eventually become If You Wanna Swim With The Sharks. After recording Sharks in L.A. with Brianne’s father, Bill Forbes, the couple moved to Portland, Oregon, and launched the fledgling Tender Loving Empire empire. Many more Grown Children incarnations would follow, each contributing to the full of the sprawling epic soundscapes and lucid lyrical imagery that Jared Mees & The Grown Children have come to be known for.

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