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Magic Sword - Volume 1 Remixes

Magic Sword - Volume 1 Remixes


  • Listen to the song " Battlefield (Dance With The Dead Remix)"

    Grab all the Magic Sword Vol. 1 remixes together. You will receive a .zip file of four MP3s.

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Magic Sword

Track Listing

1. Battlefield (Dance with the Dead Remix)
2. In the Face of Evil (Gost Remix)
3. Retrogram (Scattle Remix)
4. Sword of Truth (Street Fever Remix)

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These Are The Immortals Bound to the Magic Sword

The Tale of the Magic Sword radiates from the Immortals. Their influence washes over all realities, cleansing some, and crushing others. Their existence is bound to the Sword. It is their link to immortality... and their curse.

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