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Whimsy Chocolates




  • Meltaways are made with high quality chocolate and organic coconut oil. They melt in your mouth like a truffle but they are dairy free and gluten free.

    The Golden Hazelnut Meltaway is made with “Gold Chocolate” and all natural hazelnut paste. Gold Chocolate is made with caramelized sugar and caramelized milk, this caramel chocolate has rich notes of toffee, butter, cream and an exciting dash of salt.. This combination of white chocolate, caramel and hazelnut is absolutely delicious!

    Our Mint Meltaway is made with an all natural peppermint oil.

    Our Mocha Meltaway is made with ground coffee beans. It is like a chocolate covered espresso bean all blended up!

  • Whimsy ChocolateWhimsy Chocolate is based in Battle Ground, WA. Inspired by their Aunt Vicki’s chocolatey treats, and made possible by the collaborative effort of loved ones and friends. They support fellow small businesses and forge partnerships with up-and-coming artisans, and believe success comes from the foundation of strong, enduring relationships—especially with their customers.
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