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Mending Life

Mending Life

  • Mending Life is a beautifully illustrated, practical tool kit for repairing the clothes and belongings we love. It is also an exploration of how mending can be a gently healing practice in our daily lives and a powerful act of restoration, both for our clothes and our relationship to the world.

    Mending Life encourages us to cherish our things by repairing them rather than discarding them by rediscovering intimate connection and preciousness, so integral to our well-being as humans. This handbook is for beginners but also offers more advanced techniques to those with some experience in mending.

    You'll learn basic techniques such as patching, but will have options to take it a step further with decorative sashiko stitching; you'll also learn how to darn socks and mend sweaters, as well as things like a tear in a bedsheet or down jacket. And along the way, the authors share heartfelt stories about the powerful act of mending, which strengthens not only the object we are repairing, but ourselves as well.
  • The Far WoodsThe Far WoodsWe are sisters Sonya and Nina Montenegro, the designers and makers of The Far Woods. The things we make reflect our deepest desires about the world. We seek to contribute to a great Culture Shift in which there is a land ethic, a reverence for nature, a rejection of the dominant throw-away mentality, and direct connection to where our food and the things we use come from. Many of our artworks serve as educational tools and inspiration for deepening relationship to nature, food, and community. Our practice crosses disciplines, including teaching handcraft skills, beekeeping, and growing food, to work toward an ecologically-viable and socially-just future.
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