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Latika Beauty

Mini Bath Bomb 3pk

Mini Bath Bomb 3pk

Perfect for a dreamy bath. Enjoy 3 handmade mini bath bombs in each box.

Each bath bomb contains a generous amount of Latika's ultramoisturizing 5-oil blend: nutrient-rich oils such as avocado, coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil. These are also mess-free! Latika believes the fun should last even after you finish your bath, so they make sure their bath bombs will only require a quick rinse after use. The colors are easily washed off and will not stain your tub.

Coconut Milk: Deeply hydrating organic coconut milk leaves skin feeling moisturized and silky smooth. Smells like sweet, creamy coconut with hints of warm vanilla and musk.

Wild Rose: Rose clay can absorb impurities from the skin and gently exfoliate to maintain your skin’s youthful appearance. Smells like a sweet blend of bay leaves, rose, eucalyptus, and basil.

Flower Bath Tea: In addition to 100% pure essential oils, these bath bombs contain dried petals of chamomile, calendula, lavender, rose petals, hibiscus, and orange peel. Smells like geranium and sweet orange.

Bluebonnet: Soothing cornflower has many anti-inflammatory properties. Scent is a bright floral and citrus blend with a zesty punch of tart kumquat, sweet Florida orange, juicy tropical pineapple, and green leafy vines. 

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