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Mo Troper - Natural Beauty

Mo Troper - Natural Beauty

          • Listen to the song "Jas From Australia

            Album highlight “Jas From Australia” features a melody as buoyant and sweet as anything Ray Davies ever wrote, with a dash of Internet-age urgency mixed in. The song’s straightforward storytelling—Jas was Troper’s first love, they met online when they were teenagers, and never met in person—sets the listener up for this gut-punch two-thirds of the way through the song: “I said I was moving to Melbourne but I lied and now you know.

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    Mo Troper

    Track Listing

    1. I Eat
    2. Your Boy
    3. In Love With Everyone
    4. Your New Friend
    5. Everything
    6. Jas From Australia
    7. Almost Full Control
    8. Potential
    9. Come And Get Me
    10. Lucky Devils
    11. Business As Usual
    12. Cameo

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    Mo Troper has been a Portland powerpop stalwart for years. The self proclaimed "conker's bad fur day of powerpop" delivers infectious melodies and unforgetable hooks that get stuck in your head for days.

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