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Nadine Mooney



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    Nadine Mooney's first full length recording, MouseHouseWormHole, was originally conceived as Ghost sculptures" while the artist studied at Pacific Northwest College of Art. The 10 songs on MouseHouseWormHole are as enigmatic played forward (on the first half of the album) as they are disquieting in reverse (on the last half of the album). Recorded solely by Nadine Mooney on a dying cassette 8 track during the summer of 2007, it is her romantic and organic antithesis to the digital changeover. Flutes, whistles, chimes and shakers accompany her signature primal-warble and delicate guitar plucking to create a singular musical landscape that is a spellbinding work in both forward and reverse.

    TLE-011  (2007)
  • 1. Important Things
    2. Poltergeist
    3. Lovely Day
    4. How It Feels To Blossom
    5. Funny Box
    6. Chaos
    7. Secret Lobotomy Love Me Forever
    8. When Trees Rule The World
    9. Going Away
    10. Eaten
    11. Natae
    12. Yawa Gniog
    13. Dlrow Eht Elur Seert Newh
    14. Reverof Em Evol Ymotobol Terces
    15. Soahc 16. Xob Ynnuf
    17. Mossolb Ot Sleef Ti Woh
    18. Yad Ylevol 19. Tsiegretlop
    20. Sgniht Tnatropmi
  • Nadine Mooney Nadine Mooney is an enigmatic mystery artist who leaves a path like tea leaves in your cup.
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