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Musee Mecanique - From Shores Of Sleep

Musee Mecanique - From Shores Of Sleep


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    Ambitious From Shores of Sleep is a thoroughly-composed musical voyage that finds its lineage as much in the song-cycles of Robert Schumann as it does in its Portland, Oregon folk-rock contemporaries. Using water as a central image, Musée Mécanique has crafted a story both surreal and insightful, meticulous and moving that explores themes of transition, restlessness, and the grief that comes with leaving things behind.

    TLE-049 (2014)
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Musée Mécanique

Track Listing

1. O, Astoria!
2. The Lighthouse and the Hourglass
3. The Open Sea
4. The Man Who Sleeps
5. A Wish We Spoke
6. Castle Walls
7. The World of Silence
8. Along the Shore
9. Cast in the Brine
10. The Shaker’s Cask

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Musée Mécanique’s songwriters, Micah Rabwin and Sean Ogilvie, met in their ninth grade English class twenty years ago, and they have been making music together ever since. With diverse subject matter ranging from Homer’s Odyssey to their own interactions with the ocean and unique instrumentation choices (lap steel and musical saw to name a few) Musée Mécanique satisfies both the sonic and lyrical needs of listeners looking for something slightly off the beaten path. Over the years the band has swollen from a duo into a five-piece and is known for its impressive passion and precision.

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