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Nisa - Shapeshifting

Nisa - Shapeshifting

About the Album: On her debut album Shapeshifting, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Nisa Lumaj, who records as Nisa, embarks on a journey towards self-acceptance, self-actualization and a coherent sense of identity—the kind that strives for an empowered, prolonged stare in the mirror, rather than a habitually uneasy glance. As a daughter of Albanian immigrants, Nisa grew up listening to traditional folk music, but as a young person living in New York City and studying in London, she eventually became immersed in the world of English-speaking pop music and enamored by artists like Björk, Peter Gabriel and PJ Harvey.

About the Vinyl: 12" magenta sea glass vinyl in a standard jacket. Includes a 12 page booklet and 12"x24" poster. 

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