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Turn-of-the-Centuries: Portland Painted Map Print - Coal

Turn-of-the-Centuries: Portland Painted Map Print - Coal


  • PORTLAND, Oregon. Lush gardens and Gray skies, Big industry and Small handcraft, Idiosyncratic and Independent, Entrepreneurs on every corner, Bikes on every block, Books and Boots. We love this city! You, too? Awesome.

    This is a print of an original black ink line drawing, with varying tones of black and grey to give it a smokey coal affect while highlighting rivers, parks and rail lines.
  • Turn-of-the-Centuries Turn-of-the-Centuries Turn-of-the-Centuries is a one-woman studio founded in Savannah, Georgia by Kirsten Sparenborg. She is currently located in northern New York. Altogether, her work may be called Architectural Map-drawings because it is her education and practice as an architect and urban designer that led her to appreciate and manifest the sensory value of places. In Kirstens work, she hopes to honor special places and the desire for mementos of these places in which we belong, thrive, remember and aspire to our truest selves.
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