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Radiation City - Synesthetica

Radiation City - Synesthetica

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    A sense of closeness and clarity in the vocal mix sets this Radiation City album apart from its predecessors. Departing slightly from the washy, dense arrangements characteristic of many of the band’s earlier tunes provides definition and punch that may just make Synesthetica Radiation City’s most infectious record to date.

    PRC-308 (2016)
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Radiation City

Track Listing

1. Oil Show
2. Juicy
3. Butter
4. Come and Go
5. Milky White
6. Sugar Broom
7. Separate
8. Futures
9. Fancy Cherries

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As influenced by modern electronic sounds as they are by breezy classic bossa records and by the urgency and harmony of northern soul, Radiation City has crafted a seemingly contradictory sonic landscape--it is equally space-aged as it is retro. While they call Portland, Oregon home, the five-piece has earned fans across the country and beyond with their unique textures and infectious melodies.

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