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Sebastiano's Organic EVOO

Sebastiano's Organic EVOO

Sebastiano's is so proud to direct import and sell their favorite Sicilian olive oil with our customers.

This is first-pressed, cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil produced from organically grown Sicilian Castelvetrano olives - the big green buttery ones.

It has a very clean flavor with hints of lemon, a big, rounded mouthfeel, and slight spicy finish.

It's gourmet enough to be a finishing oil or we use it for salad dressings and to dip focaccia.

Sealed in a UV-resistant, easily recyclable tin for quality, freshness and less environmental impact than transporting glass. 500 ml / 16.9 fl oz

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<p style="margin-left:0px;">Sebastiano's is a family-owned Sicilian bakery and sandwich shop in Portland, OR. Sebastiano's bakes fresh focaccia &amp; muffuletta bread for their sandwiches, and a variety of Sicilian cookies, cakes and cannoli. Sebastiano's line of packaged goods celebrates the best flavors of Sicily including extra virgin olive oil, marmellatas and biscotti.<br>&nbsp;</p><p><br>&nbsp;</p>

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