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Sibeiho AF Chili Chunka Sambal

Sibeiho AF Chili Chunka Sambal

Our super tangy hit AF Chili Chunka is a tart and spicy Sambal. Named after Auntie Feathers, who always made it to go with her Five Spice Roast Crackling Pork. This lip puckering tart Sambal is best eaten with strong, robust tasting meals. 

100% natural ingredients. No MSG. No added color or unnatural preservatives. Made from our family recipes.

Taste Profile: Sharp & fruity. With a touch of garlicky heat.
Heat Level: 2/5
Uses: Drizzle a little over braised and BBQ meats, heavy stews, fried calamari (almost anything deep fried), fried noodles or fried rice, Keropak, cheesy nachos, baked parmesan eggplants etc.

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